day 6 – waking up

They say that waking up is hard to do … Now I know I know that it’s true
(a little play on song lyrics for us old timers 🙂

To every day there is a night and to every night there is a day. Never hold it against yourself if you “fall asleep” … back into illusion. Just remember to wake up every chance you get.

Day 1 of the COVID-19 quarantine I was awake, I was in motion, I started my seeds that I will transplant into the earth this spring. I was looking forward to this time off of work, the time to begin in full my personal journey of foraging, gardening, meditating, yoga, cooking, and writing this blog. And then …

Sleep … I have done little to nothing the last 6 days. I have eaten, slept, and binge watched TV. I have been overwhelmed and I have been trying not to deal with any of it. I am not working and have no idea when I will be. We are supposed to move by the end of April, and I have concerns that It will not happen as I would prefer it to. There is a part of me that says “what a waste of time”, all that “doing nothing”. But I see now that was the control freak in me.

DAY 6 …
Today I feel rested and ready to begin. The first thing to do … meditate … my mind was still so full of all the things I could do, should do, that if I did not start with meditation anything I did do would likely be a waste of time.

Meditate first …
Picture yourself standing in front of a white board … on it is written all the things that you think you need to do, all the things you want to do, your judgments, your limitations, your whys and why not’s … your board is probably over-filled.
Meditation is you wiping the board clean. When you are done meditating it will be clear what things should be written on your board. The first thing to write on your board is who you want to BE … then write all the things that you want to do that support that. When you are done … I bet your board is only about 20% full. Your stress will be low, and your energy to do those things will be at your fingertips.
Next Step
So I meditated, and I came back to me … and I was given my next step. Get out of the house and go see nature.
Kyle Cease teaches that when you meditate, you will be given a step … just one .. to be completed. You will only be given one step at a time. Any thoughts you have beyond that next step is a construction of the mind and ego. And they work only from what is already known, not from the unknown possibility’s of who you could be.
So what did I immediately do? I sat down to write this instead . But now I am going to go get dressed and do what I was told. It is a sunny 45 degree day in MN and that is more than you could ask for in March.