Meditation 101
  1. Blow your nose … go to the bathroom, get a blanket if you need one, don’t eat heavy meals before hand they can make you sleepy. Close your mouth if you can, and breath through your mouth.
  2. Find your space … light or dark … it should be a place that makes you feel secure, peaceful, connected.
  3. Sound … quiet space if you can, meditation music if you need to, mantra if you want
  4. Sit up straight … butt cheeks back, lungs open, top of your head highest (crown), sit where you want to. If you start to get flemmy in the back of your throat, lift the crown of your head and tuck you chin, it is because your tilting your head back that this happens.
  5. There are 20+ different ways to meditate … and no right one
  6. Meditate as long as you can … whenever you can … but at least 30 min. It takes from 5-15 to reach a place of true stillness
  7. Do not judge before, during or after … what comes to you is what you are supposed to experience
  8. Journal afterwords … your best insights can be lost in a blink