Day 1 – My Birthday

Every new beginning starts from pain … COVID-19 … My new beginning

COVID-19 is the pandemic that has hit every nation and every people of the world. It has been going on since mid January this year, when it first struck in China. But living in Minnesota, we have only just begun our experience of the changes that it is bringing to the world.

I have the day off of work today … but know I will have many days off, this is just my first day off of many. My fiancee is a chef, he was laid off last Tuesday, as all of the restaurants in MN were closed for all services except takeout. My last day of work was last Friday, I am an office manager/administrator, and the orders coming into our organization have almost completely dried up, creating a massive layoff … I am not alone, there are so many businesses out there either laying people off or completely closing their doors.

COVID-19 has made everyone afraid. Some are afraid of the virus itself, but I think more people are afraid of the financial and social impacts that are just now becoming apparent.

For the last several years … I have felt a tension in the world … an ending of our current existence, a beginning of our next way of being.

It would be supper easy to give in to the drama of the world circumstance (the ending of what was), and believe me I do have my moments, but I for the most part I choose to strive for the better world that only I can create for myself and for others.

And so I begin … for real


As I said, I felt the tension of change coming several years ago … and for me that was the beginning of the beginning. This is when I began the journey back into my true nature, and when I embraced the nature around me.

I began with meditation, and I found my true nature. Then I learned of herbs, and how they could nourish us and return us to health. Next I realized that in harvesting plants, I could become self sufficient, healthy and at the same time connect back to earth. And finally, I completed the circle with forest bathing .. the greatest way I have found for experiencing active mindfulness, gratitude for life, and connection to self and to nature.

All of these things I learned from books and webinars. I tried a few things, but I craved immersion. So to achieve this immersion we moved from Minneapolis to Brainerd MN almost 1 year ago.

But It is on this day, March 23rd 2020, that I truly begin to be that which I have longed to be.
Happy Birthday to me … for real!